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Thai Yoga supports your body in releasing blockades by using deep compression to relax your muscles, as well as in correcting deficiencies and imbalances. Not only can you feel and see a difference in your flexibility, but in your ways to move too, as your range of motion will extend because of the mobilization of your joints throughout the session.


During the Quad Thai, I am going to practice various techniques while using my hands, knees, legs, and feet to stretch, pull, and rock your body, which provides the best result to improve your physical and mental health. Thai Yoga can be a great tool to relieve headaches, reduce different kinds of back pain, muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, and to stimulate the circulation in your body.

Furthermore, your energy level will go up while your nervous system can relax. These are just a few of the many aspects, how you can benefit from Nuad Thai Yoga in your daily life.

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